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 EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Protection of Migrants in Vulnerable Situations 

3 - 5 July 2023, (in-person event only)

Hotel Devín, Riečna 4, Bratislava

With increasing global migration and forced displacement, many migrants face risks of insecurity, violence, exploitation, abuse, and violation of their rights. During three intensive days, we looked at what makes migrants vulnerable and how to protect them, which kind of power passports have in global mobility as well as in access to opportunities, and why we keep hearing about migrant caravans. Furthermore, we discussed different forms of modern slavery, their relation to the law, and effective assistance to its victims.

Like in previous years, we brought the seminar topics also to the public. In the evenings, you could join us to watch documentaries The New Europeans about migration in the European Union after recent pandemic and with ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and Buoyancy about modern slavery in the fishing industry, followed dicsussion with experts.


The final agenda includes details about all 17 lectures and two public film screenings. During breaks, participants could immerse themselves into the lives of internally displaced people (IDPs) by asking them in the virtual reality to reflect on their most cherished possessions. The items that displaced people carry with them when they have to leave their homes often become physical representations of a world that has since disappeared. For many, they represent a promise of return. A key, a shirt or a photo can now serve both as a symbol of struggle and a beacon of hope.


Among others, you can look forward to lectures of these international experts with hands-on experience in international migration:

  • Katarina Schwarz | Assistant Professor in Antislavery Law and Policy & Associate Director of the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, The United Kingdom
  • Martha Mendoza | Investigative Journalist & Pulitzer Prize winner, Associated Press, USA
  • Nassim Majidi | Founder & Executive Director of Research and Policy & Migration and Displacement Pillar Lead, Samuel Hall, Kenya


Since 2012, the EMN Slovakia's Educational Seminar on Migration is a unique learning platform about migration organized in Slovakia which for three days fosters networking, experience sharing and discussions among (inter)national experts and more than 70 participants from state institutions, non-profit sector, academia, research bodies, media and other entities. 

The seminar reaches out also to the public through free-of-charge discussion evenings with documentary screenings.



The EMN Educational Seminar on Migration is organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia as the Coordinator of the EMN National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic under its work programme for the years 2023 – 2025. This event is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. 



The EMN is an EU network of migration and asylum experts who work together to provide objective, comparable, policy-relevant information and knowledge on emerging issues relating to asylum and migration in Europe.

The EMN consists of National Contact Points in the EMN Member Countries (EU Member States except Denmark), EMN Observer Countries, and the European Commission. Since 2009, IOM has been the Coordinator of the EMN in Slovakia. Other members of EMN Slovakia are the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, and the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

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