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 EMN Educational Seminar on Migration: Migration in a Multilateral World 

online virtual studio, 24 - 26 August 2021

For the past few years, international migration has remained in the spotlight of policymakers, researchers and media around the globe. The fact that people increasingly move across borders for different reasons – whether it is for work, studies or to seek refuge – is recognized by countries cooperating in migration field bilaterally, as part of bigger regional clusters or, since 2016, universally within the United Nations.

During three intensive days, we focused on how migration and multilateralism are intertwined in the context of policies, politics and field work as well as how the international cooperation affects migrants and refugees in transiting or destination countries. We reflected on how migrants and refugees impact a country’s economy, exploring links between labour migration, remittances and development of source and host countries. Furthermore, we discussed why migration policy experts, researchers and practitioners are calling for additional legal avenues for people on the move.

Like in previous years, we brought the seminar topics also to the public. On the first seminar day, you were able to join an online discussion as well as watch two interesting documentaries in the evenings.


Watch the series of lectures from the seminar available at YouTube here.


Listen to the series of podcasts from the seminar available here.


For the public an online discussion and two free evening events were organised. The discussion focused on how Slovakia helps migrants and refugees. The screening of the documentary Midnight Traveler was very topical due to the developments in Afghanistan. The film screening of Gleis 11 followed by an interview with the film director brought into the spotlight the stories of the first generation of guest workers in Germany.


Participants could listen to 22 renowned experts from 15 countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Greece, Italy, Libya, Mexico, Moldova, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA with hands-on experience in international migration. They represented government offices, international organizations, universities, think-thanks or NGOs.


As this year's seminar took place online in a virtual studio, the lectures of international experts were accompanied by interactive presentations, videos, polls and questions from the audience asked through sli.do. The online nature of the seminar enabled to register more than 120 participants from 25 countries. Coffee breaks could be used to chat with other participants directly at the online platform.



The EMN Educational Seminar on Migration is organised by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Slovakia as the coordinator of the EMN National Contact Point for the Slovak Republic under its work programme for the years 2021 – 2022. This event is funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. 



The EMN provides up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and international protection to the EU and its Member States to support policymaking. The EMN activities are focused on third-country nationals.

The network is composed of National Contact Points for all EU Member States, Norway, Georgia and Moldova as well as the European Commission (DG Migration and Home Affairs). IOM acts as the EMN Coordinator in Slovakia, other members are the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic and the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic.

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